US Road Trip Travelog: 6th March 2005

The drive down Highway 61 from Baton Rouge to New Orleans is, let's be frank, not the prettiest in the world. Most of what I've read recommends taking the I-10 instead, and I should've followed that advice. The road itself is pretty knackered and the way into the city is an endless succession of strip development and traffic lights. By some strange quirk of fate, however, I find my motel downtown with ease.

Needless to say the wireless internet connection at the Sleep Inn isn't working. Over the next day and a half I'll need to point this out a few more times and will eventually end up talking in person to Jim the techie to get it fixed. I don't know why the Choice Hotels group (Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn etc.) seem to have so much difficulty with their internet but, unlike my time in Memphis, I'm not just going to put up with it even it does mean making a nuisance of myself.

Canal Street New Orleans
Canal Street in New Orleans. This is one big city.

One thing about New Orleans is immediately obvious - two nights here will not be enough. I arrange a third at the same rate ($60 per night plus $18 parking) in the Sleep Inn as soon as I arrive.

A large beer in New Orleans
A large beer, New Orleans style.

No two ways about it, I get things completely wrong tonight. Not only do I have a few of the above, which isn't an especially clever move on an empty stomach, but I then decide to eat in the House Of Blues. I hadn't realised that the HOB is part of a big chain - somehow I'd managed to avoid them so far on my travels - with all the atmosphere and charm of a Hard Rock Cafe.

Too late I notice the word 'fried' in the description of my seafood platter. I don't know what the various seafoods were as, though they were all different shapes, they all tasted exactly the same. Terrible food and terrible service and I definitely won't be back. Time to call it quits for the night.

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