US Road Trip Travelog: 9th March 2005

The obvious way from Lafayette to New Orleans would be along the I-10. Never one to knowingly do the obvious, I decide instead to take Highway 90, which loops down south and west of the city. I want to see what bayou country looks like.

Bayou country looks like a swamp with trees, basically. I probably should've stopped to take a photo but it really wouldn't have been all that exciting. It's easy to imagine, however, that someone living out there is unlikely to be bothered by double-glazing salesmen, the tax man or anyone else for that matter. Highway 90 must have been quite a construction feat in its day as it's raised up over the bayous for long stretches. It's also in poor repair, which gets me reconsidering my opinion of those giant pickup trucks:

Lafayette sounds like it out to be picturesque, but it isn't. Doesn't matter to me though, as all I need is some rest and to detox a bit after New Orleans. The Sleep 8 motel is nothing special but there's a place next door where I can get a steak and, apart from a brief interruption due to a violent thunderstorm, some well-needed sleep.

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