US Road Trip Travelog: 13th March 2005

After the long walk and late night yesterday, Sunday will be almost entirely spent in my motel room. NASCAR and route planning are the order of the day. For lunch I walk next door to the local Fuddruckers burger place. Anyone reading this who knows my surname will understand just how much enjoyment I get from that name. Their smallest burgers start at a third of a pound, and they go up to a full pound. Um, I'll just have a small burger with no extras then please.

The NASCAR race is another good one, and as it ends I remember that even though it's a Sunday the Drury will still be giving away free beer and hot dogs down in the lobby (I'd already raided the snack machine for pretzels, peanuts and crisps). With all that and the beer I drank during the race I think I can safely say that today's diet will have completely reversed any possible good done by the long walk yesterday.

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