US Road Trip Travelog: 22nd March 2005

The I-101 north of Oxnard
The I-101 north of Oxnard.

On leaving Oxnard the weather isn't too bad but it soon deteriorates, to the point where driving conditions are getting a bit dangerous and it's time to cut my losses. Off, then, to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara in the rain
Santa Barbara in the rain.

Seems 'It Never Rains In Southern California'. It pours, man, it pours. Choosing to stop in Santa Barbara is no great hardship as it's a lovely place. Probably better seen when not flooded, but hey. The original town was flattened by an earthquake in the 20's and was rebuilt in a Spanish style so it looks unlike anywhere else I've been in the US.

After finding a motel I decide to set off for downtown on foot. Big mistake, as I'm soaked within 5 minutes. As you can see above there's a lot of standing water around and the drains can't cope so some intersections mean wading through a half a foot of water to get to the other side of the road. Not pleasant. However, there are book shops to browse (and dry off) and being English I'm used to seaside resorts in the rain anyway.

Santa Barbara market
Santa Barbara market. The street is blocked off but I don't think they'll be doing much business today.

After a great roast pork lunch at Joe's Cafe, had the weather been better I would've sampled a few of the bars and had a walk on the beach. As it is I need to get back for my motel for some dry clothes. An afternoon and evening watching the CSI marathon on TV and letting my boots (the only footwear I have) dry off in front of the heater are the only things on the cards for the rest of the day.

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