US Road Trip Travelog: 27th March 2005

In the morning I get woken by The Corridor People. You may not have heard of them. They inhabit certain motels and though they have rooms insist on conducting all their business outside them. This, it would seem, can only be done if the conversation is of a personal nature, littered with swearing, and happens either very late at night or very early in the morning. Children are usually present, talking is forbidden and shouting is the only form of communication allowed.

Still, at least I get an early start. The route today is down I-99 for a bit then off to Highway 43 until rejoining the Interstates for the run back to coast near Los Angeles.

The I-5 before the long drive down to Los Angeles
The I-5 before the long drive down to Los Angeles.

Highway 43 is arrow-straight for long periods through farmland. It's almost certainly as fast as the Interstates and the occasional corner or town at least add a bit of interest. Being early on Easter Sunday there's very little traffic and what there is can easily be passed.

As Los Angeles gets closer the traffic gets more manic and it's a relief to head off to find my motel. The only reason I chose the Holiday Inn Express in Marina Del Rey is that it's that only one I could find last night that's got a washer and drier for use by guests. Yes, it's laundry day.

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