US Road Trip Travelog: 31st March 2005

When parking the car last night at the motel I changed slots so I could see the car from my room (one of my habits - I like to be able to check on it). On unloading it I noticed a trail of fluid on the asphalt that mirrored my manoeuvring. Not good. It doesn't seem to be oil and is more likely coolant but in the dark it was hard to tell.

In the morning I check the oil, which is fine, but the radiator is a bit low on coolant. Not really surprising given the hours in the Las Vegas traffic yesterday, but I still don't like the trail along the ground. I'm sure this wasn't happening before and these things don't tend to get better by themselves.

The I-15 through Arizona
The I-15 through Arizona.

From Mesquite the I-15 cuts through the top northwest corner of Arizona and on into Utah. In St. George I stop in a parking lot and there's still a trail and fairly soon a puddle under the car. Another Goodyear service place has a check but the only leaks they can find are from the top of the radiator. They seem to think that it's not too serious but I'm not convinced.

Whilst the car is at the Goodyear place I head off for a walk. At a Radio Shack shop I can top-up the minutes on my Verizon cell phone - I can't just call Verizon and do it as my credit card address doesn't match the Illinois mailbox address I had to use when buying the phone. The Best Western down the road has a few rooms left and promises internet access so I think we'll have an easy day today (only 40 miles or so) and stay in St. George for the night.

On my way back from a restaurant over the road there are people in the lobby in the Best Western searching for rooms without any luck. I don't know what it is about this part of the US but I think I'd do well to start booking my overnight stops in advance for a while.

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