US Road Trip Travelog: 2nd April 2005

As I left the car at Thompson's Radiators late on a Friday afternoon, I'm not expecting to see it again til Monday at the earliest. Time, then, for a walk around St. George.

Mormon Temple in St. George
Mormon Temple in St. George.

Well, there isn't a busting lot to see. Houses, shopping malls and the above. I've decided that every day must have at least one photo on the page, and the Mormon Temple is today's.

I know absolutely nothing about Mormons, in fact it took me while to realise that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is one and the same thing. There are a lot in Utah, judging by the roadside signs and the TV channels devoted to some big conference up in Salt Lake City. If the people of St. George are anything to go by I can tell you that Mormon folk are friendly but possibly a little bit too serious. Or maybe that's just St. George folk. Hell, what do I know.

Great news when Ray phones to say that the car is ready. I get a taxi back up to find that he's replaced the water pump, removed the radiator and tested it and then made some repairs around the top. I'm not sure he normally works on a Saturday but since I explained what I was doing yesterday he's obviously been working hard on the car. The bill isn't too bad as well, so I'll put him into the hero category.

I've had to book the motel for Saturday night as well, since I wasn't sure when the car would be ready and rooms are still at a premium. Once back at the motel it's pizza and beer and the college basketball semi-finals for the rest of the day.

The car ran fine back into town but tomorrow will be the big test. As well as the water pump and radiator repairs, my worry is that all that overheating may have done some more long-lasting damage to the engine itself. Time will tell.

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