US Road Trip Travelog: 5th April 2005

Before leaving Denver I have an important diversion to make. Chris recommended Colorado Car Books as a shop worth visiting, so we head south of the city centre to Littleton to find it.

The chat last night re-awakened my interest in early custom cars, particularly those created by George Barris. Unfortunately there are a few books on the subject and my credit card gets a bit of a battering before I leave. Of topical interest in the long list of cars he created is one called Villa Riviera (yes, it's in French - scroll down towards the end of the page). One of the books shows the car in its original all-white, which I think looks even better than the red paint scheme it ended up with.

Time to get out of Denver. The Interstates around the city are no fun because of a drizzling rain, just enough to cause muck to get sprayed on the windshield but not enough to clear it away either. I really must get those washers fixed.

Once on the I-70 east the rain increases but so does the wind. At one point there's a nasty accident where it looks like a rig got blown over whilst crossing a bridge. Every time one passes by the car gets buffeted all over the road and the spray is blinding for a second or two, so it's a relief to head off the I-70 and onto Highway 36.

Highway 36 brings a new challenge - fast-moving tumbleweed scooting across the road. The ones in front are ok but a few times one hits the back of the car and frightens the life out of me. The rigs traveling the other way cause their own turbulence problems and this really isn't much fun.

Highway 36
Highway 36.

The plan was to follow Highway 36 across Kansas, stopping at small motels. This plan is obviously flawed as not only are there no motels but I'm very grateful to finally find a gas station. Time for a rethink, and the weather (there's now a thunderstorm as well) is another factor. I think we'll head north into Nebraska and head east through there instead.

Highway 385
Highway 385 north into Nebraska.

From Highway 385 we head east along Highway 34. McCook is the first big town and I've had enough for the day. There's a Best Western motel here and whilst it may not win any awards for style and amenities it's top of the list for being in the right place at the right time. One night in McCook it is then.

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