US Road Trip Travelog: 9th April 2005

I need to go over to Decatur to check my mailbox and collect my insurance documents and AAA membership card. Though it hasn't been a problem, it is nice to have a bit of proper paperwork after all this time.

The car, though, isn't so well. Back in Beatrice Sean warned me that the driveshaft rumble would need taking care of sooner rather than later. I was hoping to postpone this until my return, but it can't be ignored after the drive yesterday. Especially as I don't want it to cause more problems elsewhere, such as that expensive transmission rebuild. This is turning into a tough few weeks on the road, especially since I'm supposed to be thinking about getting back to Chicago for the 14th and my flight home.

After getting lost around Decatur (I thought I knew my way around there - I was wrong), on arrival back in Springfield it's time to sort out my cell phone. The menus on it stopped working back in St. George and I was told that I'd have to send it off for repair, which would take two weeks. Um, I think not. The shop take out the battery and clean the connections - apparently these Kyocera phones have a known problem like this - and all is well.

Back outside the Verizon shop, however, all is not so well. There's a puddle under the car and, when I open the hood, coolant is spraying from a connection near the top of the engine at the back. It's not a big leak - hell, I know what a big leak look like by now - but it's obviously not good news. On a Saturday afternoon most car places are closed but there's a Firestone place near the centre and they'll have a look at the leak and the driveshaft on Monday.

Downtown Springfield
Downtown Springfield. Can you see why I thought that it looked like that Hopper painting a few months ago?

If Illinois is my adopted home state then Springfield is becoming my adopted home town. If it was good enough for Abraham Lincoln then it's definitely good enough for me.

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