US Road Trip Travelog: 10th April 2005

My motel last night and today is the Quality Inn State House near the centre.

Quality Inn State House room
Quality Inn State House room.

I'd read that this place had been restored to its 60's grandeur on the outside but hadn't expected the rooms to be done in a 60's style as well. After all the bland motels it makes a nice change, especially as the price isn't too bad.

State House & Riviera
A couple of 60's classics - State House & Riviera.

Today is all about laundry and the NASCAR Martinsville 500. I could offer some comparisons between between the laundry facilities at various motels but life's too short. The NASCAR race is another good one, with the winner coming back from about four laps down to take the flag. After the NASCAR race there's the end of a Champ Car race on another channel.

Open-wheeled racing in the US is in a bit of a mess, with two competing domestic competitions - Champ Cars (formerly known as CART) and Indycars - as well as some interest in Formula 1. With the rivalry between the two competitions, and the available drivers and sponsorship split between the two, it's little wonder that NASCAR is so dominant. Champ Cars and Indycars both also race on ovals on occasion, which to my mind makes as much sense as putting NASCAR racers on street circuits.

Strangely there seems to be no equivalent to the Touring Car racing we get in Europe (and, I think, in Australia), such as the BTCC in the UK. This is a real shame as it provides some great racing and rivalry. The cars are closer to production models than most other forms of racing and some of the tracks, certainly in the UK, have real character. There are tracks like this in the US so it seems to me like a missed opportunity.

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