Littleborough to Hebden Bridge along the Pennine Way

The whole walk takes about 4½ hours, if you don't stop. There's a train back to Littleborough at the end.

  1. Leaving Littleborough, this is the view back to the canal and what used to be the lock keeper's cottage.


  2. Shame you can't hear the water. This is looking back towards Littleborough, though the view is similar both ways.


  3. Walking upwards across the golf course. Golfers are a funny lot, as they don't seem to acknowledge greetings from walkers on the public footpath that crosses their course. Maybe they just didn't like my sandcastles? Who knows.


  4. About a third of the way in from the left, that line up the hill is the 'Roman Road'. Historians now doubt if its actually Roman. Duh. No Roman road builder worth his salt would go straight up a hill. They had much more sense than that.


  5. The 'Roman Road' from the bottom. I really must get a better camera. Hill doesn't look too steep, does it?


  6. Bloody Romans. What did they ever do for us, anyway? This is the look back down, with Hollingworth Lake (actually another canal reservoir) in the distance. Not shown is the pain of walking up the hill.


  7. The building dead ahead is the White House. More useful (and a lot less dangerous) than the one in America as this one is a pub and a restaurant. Actually it's more about food than beer, and doesn't open that much during the day. Still a welcome sight, though.


  8. Behind the White House is a reservoir. Rumour has it that the bloke who built the canal reservoirs up here went broke, then mad, because he couldn't stop one of them leaking.
    [ About an hour after leaving Littleborough. Not that he went mad an hour after leaving Littleborough - its taken that long to walk this far, that's all. ]


  9. Looking back towards the White House, with the reservoir bank on the left. Hope they fixed that leak.


  10. The walking is easy up here, a part of the Pennine Way, because its the flat road is maintained by the water board. Were my camera better you could see the wind farm in the distance and the ice on the puddles in the foreground. Trust me, you could.


  11. Legend has it, I think, that Robin Hood used to hide away in these rocks when he ventured north. Methinks otherwise, and that the ye olde legende purveyores taketh the pith.


  12. Another reservoir along the Pennine Way.


  13. Looking back along the reservoir.


  14. Another one looking back. This is the end of the flat road, and from this point on the path gets a bit more challenging.
    [ About two hours after leaving Littleborough. ]


  15. A view towards the green fields of Yorkshire. On the right is a small projection - Stoodley Pike Monument. When I first walked up here, a few months ago, I thought the monument looked a bit small and pathetic.


  16. No idea what this marker may have said, but I guess it may have been 'Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere'.


  17. Further along, 'You Are Now Leaving the Middle of Nowhere'.


  18. Who's the artistic one then? Its a shame my camera can't do all the colours though.


  19. Stoodley Pike Monument, a bit closer up, after having walked up and down hills for a while.
    [ About three hours after leaving Littleborough. ]


  20. Stoodley Pike Monument from the other side. If you look back to the previous pictures you'll get an idea of how big it is.


  21. Walking away from the monument, and looking back up towards it.


  22. In the other direction, a lovely sunset and a visible full moon. Amazing colours, which a camera can't capture.


  23. The last picture (I promise) looking back at Stoodley Pike Monument.


  24. A traffic jam on the Pennine Way. These girls are looking for trouble, especially the one in the background in her little black number.


  25. Having negotiated most of them, including the noisy one in black, I noticed that this last one looked a bit different. Having spent most of my life in a city I'm no expert, but aren't the ones with horns the ones that chase Spaniards through their local village and round the rec? Lucky I'm not Spanish then.


  26. The first time I tried this walk I went straight ahead at this point. After an hour or two scrambling around on the bank of the canal - on the wrong side - I made it into Hebden Bridge. Not happy. Take the footpath to the right. It was too dark for a photo but the woods and little bridge over the river are quite enchanting.


  27. Having emerged from the enchanted wood, and paid the trolls their dues (delirium - caused by lack of beer), it's a nice level walk for a while.
    [ About four hours after leaving Littleborough. And about time for a rest. ]


  28. What you don't realise is just how high up you still are. Its a long, slow walk downhill into Hebden Bridge. Where there are pubs. Maybe other things as well, I don't know. But there are definitely pubs.