Littleborough to Hollingworth Lake and back, crossing the M62

The whole walk takes about 1¾ hours. More if you stop in the Fisherman's for a pint. Even more if you go to the Beach as well. And if you stop in the Red Lion back in Littleborough then you may never make it home.

  1. Looking up from the lower lock in Littleborough. The path out of the village runs in front of the row of cottages.


  2. On the hill, a horse. Yes, it was cold.


  3. The path up to the golf course. It's a bit tricky when it's frozen (but even worse when it's muddy).


  4. Looking back down the rough path that leads up from the golf course. Fine to walk up when it's frozen but a swamp when it's not.


  5. Looking down to the right and Hollingworth Lake. In the distance is Rochdale.


  6. The view back down the unmade road.


  7. It wasn't that muddy because it was frozen and icy. I've never quite worked out how people can get up in arms about wind farms and forget these eyesores. What about if the electric companies could build a new wind farm on condition they took down a row of pylons and buried the cables underground? Works for me.


  8. You can hear it long before you see it. 2-4-6-8 Motorway, with a house perched in front of it.


  9. Hello traffic. Next time you're driving along the top of the M62 look out for the little bridge (it's hidden behind some road signs).


  10. The walk down from the bridge over the M62 is quite steep. This is the view looking back up. One day I've sworn I'll be fit enough to cycle up it. Hmmm. This lifetime, or the next?


  11. Is that the beginnings of an ox-bow lake? I've no idea - I couldn't tell an ox-bow lake from a hole in ground. Looks a bit like the pictures we had in our Geography books when I was at school though.


  12. A ram munches whilst, in the distance, the traffic on the M62 crosses the valley.


  13. Looking back up at the M62 span. Quite a structure, and noisy when you're under it.


  14. All the times I'd walked down here before and never noticed this little patch of water.


  15. The road down from the motorway bridge.


  16. Looking back up the road. The chimney towards the centre is the one in the earlier photo.


  17. The all-new bridge at one end of the walk around Hollingworth Lake. Shame they didn't make it out of a local stone rather than brick.


  18. Looking across the lake. The walk around the lake has been closed for some months whilst the bridge and some of the banking is rebuilt.


  19. The water level has been dropped during the works, hence the mud flats. Birds seem keen on the change.


  20. Looking around one side of the lake. On the far left is the Beach (pub) and on the far right the Fisherman's (another pub). It would be rude to ignore them both.


  21. Refreshed, and off down the path by the side of the Visitors' Centre.


  22. The path runs alongside a small stream. It's hard to tell round here which are natural and which are run-offs from a reservoir to the canal.


  23. Back in Littleborough, and looking back down towards the lock keeper's cottage from the next bridge.


  24. Hmmm. Legs are aching a bit ...