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One day this site may be a big list of walks and photos. At the moment there are these, accessible from the menu at the top:

  1. Littleborough to Hebden Bridge along the Pennine Way - Dec 2003.

  2. Littleborough to Hollingworth Lake and back, crossing the M62 - Dec 2003.

  3. Littleborough to Manchester along the Rochdale Canal - Jan 2004.

  4. Littleborough through Todmorden along the Rochdale Canal - Jan 2004.
    (This walk actually finishes in Hebden Bridge, but since I already had a walk called 'Hebden Bridge' it's called 'Todmorden' instead.)

  5. There and Back - Feb to Apr 2004.
    Walks based on a book by a bloke called Geoff Boswell. The walks in the book are between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, and they are excellent.

  6. On the Tops - May 2004
    Mr Boswell wrote another book prior to the above (it's now not in print but is available secondhand). Circular walks from and back to Todmorden, and just as great as the above.

Some things you can't get from photos:

My camera isn't the best one in the world but, let's be honest, I'm not the best photographer in the world either. That would explain the funny angles and sunspots then. I've reduced the size of the pictures so that hopefully they don't take too long to load. Most pictures are now 640x480 - these will look huge if your monitor is in Fisher Price mode, less so on higher resolutions.