Links - Littleborough & Walks

J Butler's Pennine Way walk
He's mad as a hatter, of course, but you have to admire the guy. Littleborough photos
Quite a good series of photos and a bit of history.
The old hippies get a computer. Like, wow, man. Nice community-based website.

Akzo Nobel
These are the people who own the chemical plant seen early on in the Manchester photos. And they seem to be proud of it! Methinks they've been tasting their own esterquats a bit too often. And who's had my stash of surfactants?
They've just (June 2004) announced that they're closing the plant. Bad news for the employees. Good news for the rest of us. Rochdale Canal
Photos of the canal from one end to the other. Well, at least they had nice weather when they went out. A lot of the photos must have been taken soon after the canal re-opened, judging by the unfinished look. Rochdale Canal
An interesting set of photos (well, I think so) as they were taken prior to the restoration of the canal. And they got to Hebden Bridge whilst it was still daylight, the rodents.

Rochdale Canal Corridor Regeneration Strategy
Here's what the Council have planned for the area around the canal. The final document is a huge download but very interesting (if you live near the canal, anyway) and must have cost a fortune for all those pretty graphics. So that's where my Council Tax goes. Wonder if they'll ever do it?

Halifax Today Country Walks in the Calder Valley with Geoff Boswell
Some of the walks from the book, and a few good photos.